Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a grooming appointment take?

Depending on the dog's size, coat length, coat condition, style preferences, and the pet's cooperation, the grooming appointment may range from 30 minutes up to 3 hours in extreme cases. Typically however, a routine, monthly grooming appointment runs about 1 hour per pet. Overgrown or severely matted pets may take longer.

Do I have to be home?

For our new clients, we require that the owner be present at the time of our arrival, so that we can take a moment to meet the pet, discuss grooming instructions and fill out paperwork. As for recurring clients on a maintenance schedule, once we're familiarized with a set routine, we can make alternative arrangements to help free your schedule.

Do you accept special needs dogs?

Absolutely! We accept most breeds and all ages of dogs and cats, as long as they are in typical good health and appear comfortable. We will gladly accommodate dogs with behavioral problems such as anxiety, hyperactivity or mild aggression with an additional HANDLING FEE for our time and effort. We do reserve the right to refuse at any time during the appointment, any dog who appears so uncomfortable or stressed that their health and general well-being may be compromised. We expect payment in full regardless of the outcome based on your dog’s behavior, and may discuss alternative options for completing the appointment with less stress.

What if I can't keep my appointment?

We require at least a 48 hour CANCELLATION NOTICE in the event that an appointment cannot be kept. For Monday appointments, this means we need to be contacted on Friday. This gives us and our "waiting list" clients some time to fill the cancelled appointment slot. Of course more advanced notice is greatly appreciated. Failure to call on a regular business day at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment may result in a charge of a $50 no call/no show fee that must be paid prior to your next grooming appointment.

How do you supply power and hot water?

Our mobile salon has an 7000 watt Onan gasoline fueled generator that supplies all electricity to power all of our grooming equipment and an on-demand water heater.

Can I watch while my pet is being groomed?

Ideally we prefer not to have pet owners watch while we groom. We have found that this often has a distracting influence on the pet and there is a greater chance of having minor "mishaps" due to over excitement or misbehavior. The pets generally behave better when it is a strictly groomer - pet relationship in the mobile salon.

What does a full groom include?

• Massaging bath • Conditioning treatment • Ear cleaning • Ear hair removal (when necessary) • Eye cleaning • Anal Gland expression (when necessary) • Towel drying • Fluff drying and gentle blow dry • Nail trimming and filing • Styling as requested • Finishing touches (bow or bandana and hypo-allergenic fragrance)

My dog got skunked! Can you de-stink him?

I don’t deskunk dogs….even after the deskunking treatment, there is an odor left lingering in the bathing area! Can you imagine having to drive around smelling a skunk all day?

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Gypsys takes cash only first visit. Following visits are welcome to pay by cash or check to Gypsys Grooming LLC . . . . We do not accept credit cards.

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