We are currently booked up till November 2017.
Only Broken Arrow Clients Accepted to Our Wait List
We are currently full but will be happy to add BA clients under 40 lbs. to our wait list. Please text a photo and main intersection to us to be added to the list. All other service areas are full at this time.

Welcome to Gypsy's

Tulsa Mobile Dog Grooming

Gypsy's Mobile Grooming is all about one on one personal attention with your dog right at your doorstep! Your dog experiences no waiting, no cages, and no stress ~ just complete pampering by Angela! 

Our Services
Gypsy's Mobile Dog Grooming van is a fully equipped dog salon; warm, fresh water to a climate controlled atmosphere. It is one on one pampering your dog deserves.  I groom all small to medium breed dogs UNDER 50 pounds. Since its just me in the van, I cannot lift the large dogs (sorry!).

No more multiple trips to the grooming shop  and NO more CAGES!  In most cases, the Mobile Grooming on average lasts just over one hour and half.  Your dog has one on one personal attention from me, the same groomer every time, from start to finish.  

I arrive at your home and meet you and my new pooch.  We discuss the haircut and any special requests you have  for your dog. I will take puppy to the van and begin the one one one experience, from start to finish, with no cage time. I return to your door in about an hour and half or so with a clean, happy, and stress-free pet. For both you and your furry kiddo, its so simple, easy and convenient.

​Prices are very comparable, in fact sometimes LESS than some of the standard grooming shops. The average FULL GROOM price is $70 to $80.

Areas We Travel
Are travel charges included in my price?  Yes they are...there will be no hidden charges!  Gypsy's travels within south Tulsa and the Broken Arrow areas. We try to stay within city limits to avoid having to charge much of a travel fee. So that I can keep travel expenses lower and pass that along to my clients!

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